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For this project, I was asked to come up with a tech device that could be developed but didn't already exist. This project included coming up with a concept for the company, company name, logo and support graphic.


OnGarde is a personal security device created for women who like to run or go around town in confidence. For safety, they like the idea of having people know where they are and the ability to call for help and defend themselves if necessary.


OnGarde is a pepper spray that can only be unlocked by the owners fingerprint. When utilized OnGarde notifies the police and a siren sounds. Using cellular data enabled GPS, OnGarde notifies the police of the location of your distress call. This allows the customer the piece of mind to know that if anything threatening does come across their path, that help is on the way. Since it only unlocks through their fingerprint on the trigger, they can carry it without fearing it might be activated inadvertently.

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